Mark L. Reyes Front-end Web Developer
Mark L. Reyes Front-End Web Developer

Experience Summary

I've worked within technology spaces that touch on eCommerce, event participation and higher education. I look forward to working with developers, designers and other specialists who strive to make meaningful web applications.

I develop for the end-user and the next developer that maintains my code. Long story short, I'm on a constant push for an improved web experience.

Sr. Front End Developer at SleepScore Labs

Support and development of all web assets. Web API consumption, CMS maintenance and an understanding of web development platforms and tools which ensure successful integration between web and mobile user interfaces.

JavaScript Developer at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Involved in integration projects for the recent merge and acquisition of Life Technologies, specifically dedicated to enhancing the organization website. Help integrate functionality into new existing JAVA based applications running on a boostrap based library. In addition, capture and implement designs created by the UI team, add new functionality, enhancements and improvements on the overall website aesthetic. Rewrite existing code, and add new code on top of pre-existing code.

Senior Web Developer at Bridgepoint Education

Contributed to web marketing projects including SEO optimization, data analytic tagging, social media data tracking, public relations and other client initiatives. Effectively troubleshot production/development environments and provided Level of Effort (LOE) for resolution. Identified need for improvement based on trends, team input, project findings, etc. and helped set priorities for identified improvement items. Coordinated and created new web properties. Worked closely with the web development team to implement strategic system improvements. Collaborated with internal and business stakeholders to ensure successful delivery of solution. Coordinated with release management team for release schedule, change approval etc. Assisted in various department process improvement initiatives. Assisted in company-wide compliance initiatives.

Web Developer II at The Active Network

History of web development experience and beautiful web UI design using products like Adobe CS5. Hand-coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and conversant with the latest web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript libraries). Understood current Internet standards and best practices. Familiarity with user-interface and information architecture principles and how to design web sites with complex information and functionality. Demonstrated ability to work independently, managing several projects simultaneously and setting priorities with minimal supervision.

Junior Web Developer at Sony Electronics

Translated design comps accurately and seamlessly into standards-compliant web code using platform CSS and existing templates. Understood and was able to modify dynamic and scalable JavaScript, DHTML, AJAX widgets and applications with a high degree of proficiency and a minimum of oversight. Monitored user metrics and maximized ROI for rich media projects.

Recent Projects

Web Dashboard for

A data visualization dashboard written in Angular for users of the SleepScore Max Sleep Improvement System.

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Responsive Project of

One domain. One codebase. Available for desktop, tablet and mobile browsers.

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Mobile Optimization of

Desktop interfaces transformed into mobile-friendly components for iOS and Android.

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Apache Solr on

Documenting the entire developer setup of open source enterprise search platform Apache Solr on UoR.

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Code Repositories

Performance Budget Builder

Web tool which evaluates a web page with PageSpeed Insights API.

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The Friendship Algorithm

Sheldon Cooper's approach on making friends captured in JavaScript utilizing the module pattern.

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Apache Solr Setup

Hit the ground running with the integration of open-source framework Apache Solr.

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Site Locator Application

Triangulate your approximate location and search for your "favorite" website's physical whereabouts.

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